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School Year 2016-17...
**In order to encourage a healthy learning environment and discipline in the classroom, we do have a required dress code for each of our classes. We have partnered with Curtain Call Costumes and Capezio Dance Wear to offer you additional choices in quality dance supplies needed for the classes listed below. Please visit:  (Email us for our studio passcode or check the information letter given out with your parent/student handbook.) Along with our in-stock Revolution Dancewear supplies, we feel this will provide you with the best selection in quality dance wear and unmatched customer care. We do encourage you to buy dance wear manufactured by trusted professionals rather then local box stores. The quality is far superior and will last much longer, resulting in more bang for your buck. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding your dancer's dress code.
**Our dance educators are well trained and capable of catering to more than one level of ability in a single class time frame. However, we do ask that you trust us in placement of your dancer regarding ability (not by age, class title or social desires). Our "levels" consist of three stages per level: Beg Beginning, Int Beginning, Adv Beginning, Beg Intermediate, Int Intermediate, Adv Intermediate, Beg Advanced, Int Advanced and Adv Advanced. Our instructors are teaching to more than one of these ability levels in each class. We place dancers in the level/class that we feel best suits their needs and will cultivate their growth. Students must complete two to three years of each level before moving to the next level unless otherwise recommended by the instructor. Again, trust our decision, as we are looking out for the best interests of your dancer as an individual and make our decisions based on our solid foundation in dance education and professional experience.**

If a class you are interested in is closed, please let us know. We can check to see if any spots have opened up or may be able to make another recommendation for you.

Days & times subject to change if necessary. 

Parents who are enrolling in multiple classes or enrolling siblings: We will be posting an estimated list of 2017 recital times so that you can plan accordingly. This list is subject to change if necessary. Please email Ms Bri if you have questions,

**Denotes class is closed due to reaching max number of students allowed. If a class that you are interested in is full, please contact Ms Bri at to check on possible openings, other class options and waitlist information. 
Ridgely Location:
2 N Maple Ave B-1

Studio A
5:15-6pm Ballet I Ages 7.5+ Miss Caitlyn
6-7pm Ballet II Ages 9+ Ms Heather 
7-8:15pm Ballet IV/V Day One Ages 12+ Ms Heather 
8:15-9pm Pointe Ages 12+ Ms Heather 
Studio B
4:30-5:15pm Int Irish Ages 10+ Miss Olivia (must have had 3+ years of Irish)
5:15-6pm Open Irish Ages 7+ Miss Olivia
6-6:45pm Modern I Ages 7.5+ Miss Caitlyn
7-8pm Modern II Ages 9+ Miss Caitlyn (must also be enrolled in Ballet II)
Studio C
6:15-7pm Intro to Hip Hop Ages 7-11 Miss Olivia

Studio A
5-6pm Combination Tap/Ballet Ages 5-7 Ms Victoria
6:15-7pm Jazz I/II Ages 8+ Ms Victoria
7-7:45pm Tap I/II Ages 8+ Ms Victoria
8=8:45pm Tap III Ages 11+ Ms Victoria
Studio B
5-6pm Contemporary (Modern/Lyrical) IV/V Ages 13+ Miss Malley
6-7pm Jazz IV/V Ages 13+ Miss Malley
7-8pm Jazz III Ages 11+ Ms Bri
8-8:45pm Tap IV/V Ages 13+ Ms Bri
Studio C
5-5:30pm Tiny Toes Age 2 Ms Bri (non-recital class)
5:30-6:15pm Preschool Ballet Ages 3-4 Ms Bri
6:15-6:45pm TTP Sparkle I Ages 6-8 Ms Bri (dancers must enroll in one additional class of their choice per week) 
Studio A
9-9:30am Tiny Toes Age 2 Ms Bri (non-recital class)
9:30-10:15am Preschool Ballet Ages 3-4 Ms Bri
5-5:45pm TTP Shimmer Ages 8-18 Ms Bri (dancers must also be enrolled in at least a Ballet class) 
5:45-7pm Ballet III Ages 10+ Ms Heather 
7-8:15pm Ballet IV/V Day Two Ages 12+ Ms Heather
8:15-9pm Variations Ages 10+ Ms Heather (non-recital class: dancers on pointe are encouraged to take this class on pointe)
Studio B
5:15-6pm Hippity Hop Ages 5-7 Miss Olivia
6-7pm Pilates Age 12+ Ms Dianne
7-8pm Modern/Lyrical III Ages 10+ Ms Bri (must be enrolled in Ballet III)
Studio C
6:15-7pm Intro Hip Hop Miss Olivia
7:15-8pm Adv Pilates Dianne

Studio A
5:15-6pm Broadway Stars Ages 6-10 Ms Bri
6-7pm Combination Tap/Ballet Ages 5-7 Ms Bri
7-8:15pm Ballet V Day Three Ages 13+ Ms Heather
Studio B
5:15-6pm AcroDance I (Tumbling) Ms Barb
6-7pm AcroDance II (Tumbling) Ms Barb
7:15-8pm Beg/Int Hip Hop Ages  11+ Miss Mikayla
8:15-9pm Int/Adv Hip Hop Ages 13+ Miss Mikayla
Studio C
7:15-7:45pm TTP Sparkle II Ages 6-8 Ms Bri
Studio A
5:15-6pm Preschool Ballet Ages 3-4 Ms Bri
6-6:30pm Intro Tap Ages 4.5-6 Miss Mikayla
6:30-7pm Intro Ballet Ages 4.5-6 Miss Mikayla
7-7:30pm Intro Jazz Ages 4.5-7 Miss Mikayla
Studio B
Studio A
9-9:30am Tiny Toes Age 2 Ms Bri (non-recital class)
9:30-10am Preschool Ballet Ages 3-4 Ms Bri
10-11am Combination Tap/Ballet Ages 5-8 Ms Bri
Studio B
10-11am AcroDance III (Tumbling) Ms Barb
11am-12pm TTP Dance Company - Purple (audition required; dancers must be enrolled in Jazz, Ballet, and Modern III or IV plus one additional class of choice) **
11:30am-1pm TTP Dance Company - Silver (audition required; dancers must be enrolled in Jazz, Ballet, and Modern IV or V plus one additional class of choice) **
2-6pm Nutcracker Rehearsals (times will vary - scheduling will be based on age groups & casting)

**Don't see a class you are looking for? Is the class you wanted full? We would be glad to help! Email Ms Bri at

**Homeschool classes, Girl Scout classes and Private Lessons available by request. Email us at