To the Pointe. Dance Studio - Nutcracker Story Information
To the Pointe. Dance Studio - It's about MORE than dance...
To the Pointe. presents The Nutcracker Story.
December 16th 6pm & December 17th 2pm 
NCHS Auditorium

Tickets go on sale October 20th. 
Tickets for the performance may be ordered here:

2017 CAST & Rehearsal Schedule

Party Scene:
Drosselmeyer: TBD
Clara: Annie Phillips
Fritz: Owen Ferris
Mrs. Stahlbaum: Ms Barb Mitchell
Drosselmeyer's Nephew: Zephan Gourley
Louise: Olivia Ferris
Party Guests: Avery Boncella, Kathryn Buss, Rorie Garland, Madison Jones, Rebekah Mitchell, Anna Price, Marrissa Rampmeyer
Party Girls: Mady Bartz, Zoe Gourley, Sophie Gunter, Leah Mitchell, Hannah Rice
Party Boys: Brynlee Jones, Caroline Kimball, Emily Kimble, Ashlynn Morton, Joey Pistorio
Gypsy Doll: Mia Amador
Ballerina Doll: Julia Calwell
Soldier Doll: Jayden Borawski
Fight Scene:
Cookies: Miranda Brown, Savanah Vega
Baby Mice: Matti Berggren, Isla Clemens, Hadley Parenteau, More TBD
Toy Soldiers: Makayla Berggren, Brooklyn Morgan, Morgan Ragione, More TBD
Gunmen: Emily Kimble, Caroline Kimball
Flag Bearer: Emily Lawrence
Drummers: Jae Marie Behr, Ashlynn Morton, Joey Pistorio, Dylan Rampmeyer, Joey Rampmeyer, Gwyneth Wood
Sneaky Mice: Lila Amador (Teasing Tumbler), Shelby Andrew, Mady Bartz, Natalie Ferris (Screamer Mouse), Brynlee Jones, Kara Saathoff (Teasing Tumbler)
Mourning Mice: Hadley Parenteau, Mady Bartz
Teen Rats (scene changers): Olivia Ferris, Leah Mitchell, Hannah Rice
Rats: Mia Amador, Avery Boncella, Jayden Borawski, Julia Calwell, Rorie Garland, Ms Barb Mitchell, Anna Price
Nutcracker: Zephan Gourley
Rat Queen: Peyton Cole
Soldiers: Kathryn Buss, Zoe Gourley, Sophie Gunter, Madison Jones, Rebekah Mitchell, Marrissa Rampmeyer
Snow Scene:
Snowfairies Group I: Jae Marie Behr, Makayla Berggren, Matti Berggren, Isla Clemens, Brooklyn Morgan, Hadley Parenteau, Morgan Ragione, Dylan Rampmeyer, Gwyn Wood
Snowfairies Group II: Lila Amador, Shelby Andrew, Mady Bartz, Miranda Brown, Brynlee Jones, Caroline Kimball, Emily Kimble, Emily Lawrence, Ashlynn Morton, Kara Saathoff, Savanah Vega
Snow Queen: Rorie Garland
Snow: Mia Amador, Avery Boncella, Jayden Borawski, Kathryn Buss, Julia Calwell, Peyton Cole, Olivia Ferris, Zoe Gourley, Sophie Gunter, Madison Jones, Leah Mitchell, Rebekah Mitchell, Anna Price, Marrissa Rampmeyer, Hannah Rice
The Land of Sweets:
Pages/Angels: Mia Amador, Jayden Borawski, Julia Calwell, Peyton Cole, Olivia Ferris, Rorie Garland, Zoe Gourley, Sophie Gunter, Madison Jones, Rebekah Mitchell, Hannah Rice, Savanah Vega
Sugar Plum Fairy: Anna Price
Flower Buds: Matti Berggren, Isla Clemens, Brooklyn Morgan, More TBD
Princesses & Princes: Makayla Berggren, Owen Ferris, Hadley Parenteau, Joey Pistorio, Morgan Ragione, Dylan Rampmeyer, Josh Rampmeyer, Gwyn Wood
Spanish Hot Chocolate: Avery Boncella, Kathryn Buss, Marrissa Rampmeyer 
Arabian Coffee: Mia Amador (soloist), Lila Amador, Kara Saathoff
Chinese Tea: Olivia Ferris, Zoe Gourley, Sophie Gunter, Leah Mitchell
Chopsticks: Brynlee Jones, Caroline Kimball, Emily Lawrence, Ashlynn Morton, More TBD
Russian Candy Canes: Jayden Borawski, Rorie Garland
French Marzipan: Mady Bartz, Miranda Brown, Emily Kimble, Savanah Vega
Irish: Rebekah Mitchell (soloist);  Group I: Julia Calwell, Peyton Cole, Meghan Lawrence, Hannah Rice; Group II: Mia Amador, Rorie Garland, Zoe Gourley, Marrissa Rampmeyer
Mother Ginger: Madison Jones
Gypsies: Shelby Andrew, Jae Marie Behr, Natalie Ferris, Owen Ferris, More TBD 
Waltz of the Flowers: Julia Calwell (Dew Drop Fairy), Rorie Garland (featured dancer), Rebekah Mitchell (featured dancer), Mia Amador, Avery Boncella, Jayden Borawski, Kathryn Buss, Madison Jones, Marrissa Rampmeyer

Rehearsal Schedule:

Saturday, October 7th 
1:30-2:30pm Snow 
2:30-3:30pm Pages

Saturday, October 21st 
(During Co Class) Run thru of Angels & Snow
1:30-3pm Waltz of the Flowers
1:30-3:30pm Party Scene - All

Saturday, October 28th
11:30am-12:30pm Russian
12:30-1:30pm Marzipan 
1:30-3:30pm Waltz of the Flowers
3:30-4pm Sugar Plum Fairy Solo
1:30-3:30pm Clara, Cookies, Teen Rats, Sneaky Mice, Drummers, Gunmen, Flag Bearer, Rats, Rat Queen, Soldiers, Nutcracker (Waltz will join us when they finish)
3:30-4:15pm Snow Fairies & Snow Queen
4:15-5pm Snow, Snow Queen, Pages & Sugar Plum

Friday, Nov 3rd
5:30-6:15pm Spanish
6:15-7:30pm Nutcracker & Clara, Drosselmeyer

Saturday, Nov 4th
11:30am-12:30pm Arabian
1:30-2:30pm Party Scene - All
2:30-3:30pm Fight Scene - All
3:30-4:15pm Snow Scene - All
4:15-5pm Act II Finale (Sugar Plum, Nutcracker, Clara, Spanish, Arabian, Chinese, Chopsticks, Russian, French, Irish, Gypsies, Waltz, Drosselmeyer)

Saturday, Nov 11th
11:30am-12:30pm Arabian
12:30-1:30pm Marzipan
1:30-2:30pm Chinese Tea
1:30-2:30pm Irish
1:30-2:30pm Opening of Act II - Flower Buds, Princesses & Princes, Sugar Plum, Clara, Nutcracker, Spanish
2:30-3:30pm Gypsies
2:30-4:30pm Waltz of the Flowers

Saturday, Nov 18th
2-4pm Costume Fittings (Times TBD)
1:30-2pm Party Scene
2-2:30pm Fight Scene
2:30-2:45pm Snow Scene
2:45-4pm The Land of Sweets

Saturday, Dec 2nd
11am-2pm Full Run Through in Show Order

Saturday, Dec 9th
2-5pm Full Run Through in Show Order


Performance Details:

Load In & Tech Rehearsal: Thursday, December 14th NCHS Auditorium
Call Time: TBD Dancers: TBD
Preschoolers and younger elementary students will NOT need to report on this date. 

• Full Dress Rehearsal: Friday, December 15th NCHS Auditorium
Call Time: 4pm for Party Scene Dancers, Middle School Students, and High School Students; 5pm for Preschool & Elementary Students

• Evening Performance: Saturday, December 16th NCHS Auditorium 6pm
Call Time: 4:30pm Soloists, Leads, Company, and Party Scene Dancers (warm up onstage at 5pm); 5pm Ensemble (all other dancers)
Doors Open at 5:30pm

• Matinee Performance: Sunday, December 17th NCHS Auditorium 2pm
Call Time: 12:30pm Soloists, Leads, Company, and Party Scene Dancers (warm up onstage at 1pm); 1pm Ensemble (all other dancers)
Doors Open at 1:30pm